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Artwork Information1

The quality of your artwork determines the quality of the imprint

Please provide a detailed layout. If size and/or position are not specified Ewiz Pro will use its discretion and send a paper proof.

Straight Line Copy:
Up to 4 lines will be typeset at no charge. Excess or curved copy may require art charge.  Customer is responsible for proofreading.

Copy Size:
Varies depending on product. We will use our discretion for best imprint. Larger text may be required on products with a porous surface such as Pocket Can Holders, Fun Foam, Stress Shapes, Towels, Bags and Ice Scraper Mitts - Non-serif type styles are recommended on these items.

Paper Proof Available on Request:
Add $10 (v).  Paper proof is required for more than 3 lines of text.Changes to Paper proof: Add $10 (v) / change

Digital Artwork Files:
We accept b&w or multicolor art sent in a vector format, saved as  .eps, .pdf or .ai file. All fonts must be converted to outlines. B&W “raster” art must be created at a minimum of 600dpi saved as .tiff or .eps format.  All placed images must be embedded. PDF or hard copy of the file must accompany the order so we can visually confirm that it matches the art file.

Acceptable Programs & Requirements:

  • ILLUSTRATOR: “create outlines” on all fonts. (.ai, .pdf, and .eps are acceptable file formats.)
  • PHOTOSHOP: B&W raster art must be created at a minimum of 600dpi. Scanned halftones and multicolor raster art is not  acceptable. .tiff and .eps are acceptable file formats.
  • Corel Draw:  Change all fonts to curves.  Art must be exported as an .ai or .pdf file.
  • .ai, .pdf, and .eps are the acceptable file formats.  All placed images must be included in b&w and created at a minimum of 600dpi. Placed images in color are unacceptable.  The preferred format is Adobe Illustrator pdf. We do not accept page layout programs such as MS Word. File formats such as .doc, .pub, .vcf and .dat are unacceptable.

E-mail Requirements:
Our preferred method is to send your purchase order with digital art together to orders@Ewiz

  • Must meet all the requirements for digital artwork files.
  • Do Not Include Order Information in the body of the art e-mail - This will not be considered as part of the order
  • Send initial art and order instructions only. Ewiz Pro is NOT responsible for any changes requested through art@Ewiz
  • Files 5MB must be compressed using Stuffit, Winzip or Zipit
  • Must include purchase order number in subject line, distributor company name and phone number
  • Must include style number, product color, and imprint color

Artwork Changes:
All changes to order & art must be sent to changes@Ewiz