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Ewiz Pro is a family business celebrating 51 years as a fullservice manufacturer in 2014, with two generations actively involved in the company.  We take pride in providing our customers with the personalized attention that is necessary to produce and ship promotional products ON TIME.  95% of our shipped goods are manufactured and printed in our New York facility.

Ewiz Pro is Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) accredited for Product Safety, Quality Assurance Supply Chain Safety, Social Accountability, and Environmental Stewardship. Product Safety Documents including CPSC Certificates of Compliance are available on our Website.

Our 300,000 sq. foot manufacturing plant is located in the Bronx, NY.  All stages of the manufacturing process, from molding, warehousing, printing and assembly are under one roof.  More than 400 dedicated men and women are employed on a full time basis, operating 24 hours a day.  The customer service and art departments are located in the plant, facilitating better communication and quicker turnaround time.

Our facilities include:

  • Over 300,000 square feet of office, manufacturing and warehouse space, with over 6 miles of pallet racking.
  • Thirty injection, four extrusion blow molding machines and four stretch blow molding machines.
  • Complete secondary operation, including die cutting, sealing, hand and automated assembly.
  • Printing includes , UV silk screening with hi-speed multi-color printers, pad printing, hot stamping, laser etching, six-color digital printers and embroidery machines.
  • Complete on-line computer system with 65 CRT’S to control production, inventory, and accounting functions.
  • Art department is networked to our screen making and printing departments.
  • Computerized Order Acknowledgment, Tracking, and Invoicing.
  • Our website www.Ewiz is interactive with a protected Distributors Only site. You can view invoices, order status, track shipments, create virtual proofs, and download CPSC Certificate of Compliance.

Our company utilizes several city, state and federal programs, which makes us competitive with foreign sources. Reduced rates for energy- hydropower from Niagara delivered to NYC at huge savings for electric power. As an American manufacturer, with a stable and reliable workforce, we can meet your demand for product at all times.  Ewiz Pro is proud to be a source for UNION MADE products.

Go Green with Ewiz Pro!  Over 100 products made from post-consumer and "home" recycled materials. All aspects of production controlled on our premises to ensure a quality recycled product.

In summary, Ewiz Pro is successful, financially secure, and well managed, with “state-of-the-art” facilities and a reputation for being a quality supplier. You are assured when buying from Ewiz Pro, that you are selecting a supplier with whom you can be confident.